TikiHut Akita Rescue (TARA) Adoption Process

We first request that you complete and return an Adoption Application (found at the bottom of this page).  Our application is designed to help us get acquainted with you. Since Akitas can be independent and strong willed they are not the breed for everyone. Owning an Akita requires a greater degree of responsibility than what is required for many other breeds. This application helps us determine if the Akita breed and the particular dog you are inquiring about, is appropriate for your family. We realize that some of the questions are personal. This is because the better acquainted we are with you, the better we are able to match up the appropriate Akita personality for your lifestyle and individual needs. By all means, please feel free to ask questions of your own. 

Do we adopt out of state?

Because we require that all family members and resident animals meet the Akita, and the fact that we do not ship our dogs, makes it difficult logistically for us to adopt out of state.  We will however, adopt to surrounding states if it is within a reasonable (8 hours or so) driving distance.

How long does it take once you return your application?

We receive a large volume of applications and inquiries. At the same time, we are also fielding many calls about Akitas in shelters and calls from individuals needing help rehoming their Akitas. Your patience is appreciated while we review your application. Please allow three to four weeks for processing during this time. The actual adoption process can take several weeks to months, depending on whether we have a suitable Akita for you.

What happens after your application is received?

Your application will be reviewed and if the Akita that you're interested in appears to be a good potential match for your family and lifestyle, a volunteer will contact you via phone. This gives us a chance to get to know you further, and will give you the opportunity to find out more about the Akita you're applying for.  Please understand that the process is not on a first come, first served basis. Our focus and priority is based on what's best for the dog, not about who contacts us first. We may have other Akitas that may be a more suitable match for you and we may recommend that particular dog. If we determine the dog you are interested in might be appropriate for you, a home visit is then conducted, and then a meeting between you and the Akita is arranged. We insist that all family members and resident animals be present during the meeting. Sometimes contrary to what we think might be the perfect home, a resident dog may think otherwise. If all goes well, an Adoption Contract is then completed. 

TARA Adoption Fees: 

If you adopt an Akita from a private party or a shelter you’ve seen posted on our website, this is a “Courtesy Listing”, and there is no adoption fee made to TARA. Each shelter has their own adoption, spay/neuter and licensing fees.  Each individual rehoming their own dogs may charge their own adoption fee.  If we place an Akita with you from the TARA foster care program, an adoption fee applies.

Our adoption fee is $300.00 for adult dogs and $450.00 for puppies. This helps to defray the cost of the care of the Akita while in foster care, including spay/neuter surgery, medical exams, microchipping, vaccinations, food, bedding, toys, training and any other needed medical attention. Akitas that enter our foster program come from all walks of life. Some were fortunate and well cared for while others were not so lucky. Some have missing teeth or wounds and scars. But for those who still have a love for people and a zest for life, they will be given every chance at a new life. The adoption fees and donations we receive are committed to each and every dog in our care. All Akitas are altered and microchipped prior to placement, without exception. 

Download our application (click on this link to download an adoption application)

Please don't forget to save your completed application, and then email it as an attachment to the foster parent contact listed at the bottom of each Akita's listing. Note: applications apply only to dogs in the TikiHut foster program as listed on the Available page unless an owner or shelter has requested us to screen adoption applications beforehand.

If you are unable to email your application, you can send it to us via regular mail to:

      P.O. Box 355
      Hayward, CA  94543-0355
      Attn: Adoptions